Bentley Fit1


by George Bernard Shaw

Walnut Street Theatre, Studio 5
January 28 - February 22, 2015
Directed by Tina Brock


The House of John Tarleton in Hindhead, Surrey, the beginning of Summer, 1909.

Misalliance - Postcard - Front
Bentley Summerhays
Andrew Carroll
John Tarleton, Jr. (Johnny)
David Stanger
Hypatia Tarleton
Heather Cole
Lord Summerhays
Paul McElwee
Joseph Percival
John D'Alonzo
Lina Szczepanowska
Kristen Norine
John Tarleton
David Bardeen*
Julius Baker (“Gunner”)
Langston Darby


Tina Brock

Set Design

Anna Kiraly

Costume Design

Janus Stefanowicz

Lighting Design

Andrew Cowles

Sound Design

Adam Vidikis

Stage Manager/Light and Sound Operator

Katie Sink

Technical Director

Joe Daniels

Assistant Costumer

Courtney Boches

Photoshop Magic

Bill Brock


Tina Brock

Production Manager

Bob Schmidt


Johanna Austin /

Produced by arrangement with Samuel French, Inc.


Misalliance is made possible in part by generous grants from Wyncote Foundation; The Samuel S. Fels Fund; The Philadelphia Cultural Fund; Arts & Business Council of Greater Philadelphia; The Pennsylvania Partners in the Arts program of the Pennsylvania Council on the Arts, a state agency funded by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and the National Endowment for the Arts, a federal agency with support also provided by PECO and administered regionally by the Greater Philadelphia Cultural Alliance; The Charlotte Cushman Foundation; Plannerzone and by YOU: over 60% of our annual budget comes from ticket sales and individual contributions.


Running time is approximately 2 hours and 25 minutes. There will be one ten minute intermission.


*Member Actors Equity Association


Missalliance (2015)

“…big ideas, quotable lines, interesting characters and surprising plot turns... enjoyable production… lively cast… wonderfully relentless… the debate sparkle(s)”
--Toby Zinman, The Philadelphia Inquirer

“…swift and cleverly honed… all joy…. characters are outlandish… excellent comic timing... Shaw gleefully throws dirt into our eyes”
--Julius Ferraro,

"a spirited series of debates that are as fresh and outrageous today as they were over a century ago."
--Mark Cofta, Philadelphia City Paper

"...keeping Shaw’s discussions and theories about humanity lively... fast-moving production... eminently listenable and crackingly entertaining."
--Neal Zoren,

Director's Notes

January, 2015

“If politics and religion and morality and even reason have proved sterile and corrupt, if they have brought us down the wrong road, or if they have simply become the tools of selfish men, the solution is not to throw them on the dust heap, but to make them work for the good of humanity.”

--Robert F. Whitman, Shaw and the Play of Ideas


George Bernard Shaw’s seldom-performed, delightfully witty Misalliance written in 1909, is an oh-so-relevant inspection of potentially unsuitable unions: parents and their children, aristocracy and the nouveau riche, truth and honor, love and money (as reasons for marriage), youth and age, the ineptitude of government, the benefits of physical exercise, the paucity of ideas in theater and the necessity of maintaining good drains in English country houses.  Shaw introduced Misalliance as a controversial, new form, a “discussion play,” in which he proposed no clear heroes or villains as he considered the social function of drama in the beginning of the 20th century.

As we forge into Year Nine of intelligent, unusual, seldom-performed and hopefully, often hilarious theater, we have you to thank for our sustenance.  Over 60% of the IRC’s annual budget comes from ticket sales and individual contributions.  Help us continue our small but mighty endeavor by spreading the word to a like-minded friend?  We continue to blossom each year because of the unflagging support of our loyal audience.

Enjoy your Superabundant Vitality!

Tina Brock
Producing Artistic Director