We Bring Good Nothingness to Life

“The Eccentricities of a Nightingale is a brilliant cabinet of curiosities.”

--David Fox, Philadelphia Magazine on The Eccentricities of a Nightingale (2018)

“…outrageous mayhem, incorrect and hilarious…” “Sex! Violence! More sex! More violence! IRC’s hilarious production of Christopher Durang’s Betty’s Summer Vacation is a total hoot.”

--Toby Zinman, The Philadelphia Inquirer on Betty’s Summer Vacation (2019)

“...this powerful reappraisal of Come Back, Little Sheba will live on in your memory long after the lights go up. Think you know William Inge? Think again.”

--David Fox, RecliningStandards.com on Come Back, Little Sheba (2019)

“It's not that way, it's over here...a wonderfully immersive experience...increasingly ridiculous and heightening stakes are a masterclass in comedic scene work...”

--Joshua Herren, Phindie.com on The Bald Soprano (2020)

“…tragic…hilarious…political…psychological…absurd…People laughed. People cried. Mostly we just sat wide-eyed and amazed.”

–Toby Zinman, The Philadelphia Inquirer on The Chairs (2009)

“...a sublime trip through the ridiculous... zany, intrepid company…”

--Cameron Kelsall, Broad Street Review on The Bald Soprano (2020)

“...daring little company…”

--Mark Cofta, Philadelphia City Paper



We’re Back, and so looking forward to seeing you in person in 2022!

Over the last 18 months, our energies have been focused on getting to know the creators in our community and around the world on Into the Absurd: A Virtually Existential Dinner Conversation.  This weekly hour-long conversation began development in April 2020 and debuted in June 2020 on Zoom and Facebook Live, clocking 63 conversations, now archived on the IRC’s You Tube channel and Facebook page.  Check out past episodes on this website.  As we now turn to planning our return to the Philadelphia stage, ITA will serve as a pop-up platform to continue conversations in 2022.

Working with local designers The 215 Guys, we’re excited for you to experience this new website!  After 16 years, we decided during the pandemic that it was time to organize the antique store and create an enhanced on-line presence for our audience.

This year celebrates 17 years of the IRC “Bringing Good Nothingness to Life.”  We’re eager to continue exploring the IRC’s mission of illuminating, existentialist theater.  Given the events of the last two years, we are challenged to interpret these thought-provoking works in a new light, and excited to share the results with you.

We appreciate your curiosity, your adventurous spirit, and for helping us to venture forth and to create unique theatrical experiences.  Your support has enabled the IRC to continue refining how we can be viable on and off the stage in the years to come.  See you soon!  Until then, make sure you join the IRC mailing list in the next section below, so you don’t miss a single idiopathic happening!

Up Next: The 72nd Full Moon Rallye Scavenger Hunt - Sunday, August 14th
Two-Character Play (Out Cry) by Tennessee Williams - September 7 - 25

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Absurd, abstract and intriguing, Into the Absurd reveals the passions and purpose of creators around the country in a 50 minute conversation happening Saturdays at 5 pm at the virtual dinner table, hosted by Tina Brock, Producing Artistic Director of The Idiopathic Ridiculopathy Consortium, a Philadelphia-based theater whose mission is producing existentialist and absurdist theater. We'll Bring Good Nothingness to Life each week, keeping playwright Samuel Beckett's famous phrase front of mind: "You Must Go On. I Can't Go On. I'll Go On." Join us as we illuminate creative works and creative thinking, finding the poetry in existentially challenging times, sharing a laugh and always a story -- connecting us to our works and to each other. On on iTunes, Spotify, iHeart, and wherever you get your Podcasts.

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