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All That Fall (a play for radio)

by Samuel Beckett

The Bluver Theatre at The Drake
September 5 - 24, 2023
Directed by Tina Brock


A BBC radio studio in London, 1957


All That Fall
Mrs. Rooney (Maddy), a lady in her seventies
Tina Ann Brock*
Christy, a carter
Bill Rahill
Mr. Tyler, a retired bill-broker
Brian McManus
Mr. Slocum, Clerk of the Racecourse
Bill Rahill
Tommy, a porter
Elliot Colahan
Mr. Barrell, a station-master
Kevin J. McCann
Miss Fitt, a lady in her thirties
Brittany Holdahl Donahue
Mr. Rooney (Dan), husband of Mrs. Rooney, blind
John Zak*
Jerry, a small boy
Elliot Colahan
*Member Actors Equity Association

Costume Design

Erica Hoelscher

Lighting Design

Shannon Zura

Scenic Design

Dirk Durossette

Sound Design

Andrew Nelson

Technical Director

Tony Clemente

Production Manager

Bob Schmidt

Stage Management

Abby Kastenberg


Bill Brock


Johanna Austin /

All That Fall Show Image

Jan Saudek @

2023 Philadelphia Fringe Festival




“All That Fall, a hilarious and unsettling jaunt to a train station in 1950s Ireland, is expertly staged by Idiopathic Ridiculopathy Consortium in this year’s Fringe, offering laughs right up to gut-punch finish.”
–Emily Schilling, Broad Street Review



“Beckett at his most Irish and accessible… at his most beguiling.”
The Guardian


“…a triumph…for the singular art of Beckett, who always finds the ecstasy in our agony.”
The NY Times



Wednesday – Saturday at 7:00 pm
Sunday Matinees at 2:00 pm


Preview Performances (9/5 & 9/6) – $20
Weeknight Performances – $22
Weekend & Opening Night (09/07) Performances – $25

Join us for a post show Talkback hosted by Toby Zinman on Sunday, September 10th


Springing out of memories of his native Foxrock, near Dublin, All That Fall charts the journey of Maddy Rooney along a country road to the railway station to meet her blind husband off a train.  On the course of her travels, she meets a carter, a businessman, a racecourse clerk and a stiffly Protestant spinster. But the train she has come to meet is detained. When it finally arrives, we uncover the train’s mysterious delay.


First broadcast by the BBC in January 1957, All That Fall is a model in the combined use of sound, music, and speech. The play’s mythic side, its sense of eternity within the everyday, grows more naturally in our imaginations as the story unfolds.


Join us for this rarely produced feast for the senses. Blindfolds provided, and optional.






Director's Notes



Samuel Beckett described his radio play All That Fall as “... a text written to come out of the dark.”

In considering Beckett’s (play for radio) at this time in our history, it does indeed feel like we’re coming out of the dark.  This story resonated for many reasons post-pandemic, particularly the journey of reorienting our lives, our relationships, and our artistic aspirations in the theater -- all of which, for many of us, were altered in ways we’re just now coming to understand.

All That Fall follows Maddy Rooney’s journey to the train station to meet her husband on his birthday.  She communes and connects directly with nature as her solace, having much less success in interactions with fellow villagers along the way.  Re-integration into the workplace and society over past last several years has felt a bit like Maddy’s experience in her mind and body, along the road to the Boghill Station -- exposing lifelong memories, disappointments and accommodations.

If you missed the blindfold basket on your way in, head out to the lobby and grab a mask.  We hope you’ll invite your imagination on this journey, allowing Beckett’s language and imagery to lead you where they will.  We’d love to hear from you about your “play for radio” experience.  As Maddy Rooney tells her husband along the long road home, “Just concentrate on putting one foot before the next or whatever that expression is.”  We’re all figuring it out together.

We appreciate you being with us.  Gathering to experience the beauty of Beckett is one of the great pleasures for an absurdist theater company.  We hope you’ll share this story with friends you meet along the road in the days to come.


Tina Ann Brock

Producing Artistic Director