A Streetcar Named Durang: Two Burlesques and a Nightmare

by Christopher Durang

L'Etage Cabaret
September 2 - 20, 2008
Directed by Tina Brock and Gerre Garrett
Desire, Desire, Desire
Directed by Gerre Garrett
Chris Fluck
Tina Brock
Young Man
RJ White
Betsy Herbert
Betsy Herbert
Big Daddy
Ethan Lipkin
Maggie 2
Laurie Norton
Laurie Norton
The Actor’s Nightmare
Directed by Tina Brock
Gerre Garrett
George Spelvin
Bob Schmidt
Ed Cunningham
Sarah Siddons
Laurie Norton
Ellen Terry
Betsy Herbert
Henry Irving
Ethan Lipkin
A Stye of the Eye
Directed by Tina Brock
Chris Fluck
Gerre Garrett
Dr. Martina
Betsy Herbert
RJ White
Laurie Norton
Mark Schroeder
Betsy Herbert


Tina Brock and Gerre Garrett

Costume Designer

Ana Vallejo

Producing Associate

Lee Pucklis

Assistant Director

Natalie Diener

Fight Choreographer

Michael Cosenza

Stage Manager/Lights and Sound Operator

Ryan McMenamin

Production Manager

Bob Schmidt

Produced by special arrangement with Dramatists Play Service, Inc.


Playing time is 70 minutes; there will be no intermission. 


Feel free to visit the bar and accommodations, located in the lobby, throughout the show. 



Bill Frisell, Ron Carter, Paul Montian

Bill Frisell, Ron Carter, Paul Montian


Coleman Hawkins: Essential Sides Remastered 1929-1939

Coleman Hawkins


Ghost Town

Bill Frisell


Good Dog, Happy Man

Bill Frisell



Bill Frisell


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If this is your first Idiopathic Ridiculopathy experience, we formed in 2006 to present and preserve the classic and lesser-known works by authors from the loosely-defined “Theater of the Absurd” such as Eugène Ionesco, Samuel Beckett, Harold Pinter and Edward Albee; to provide artistic opportunities to actors, directors and designers interested in exploring their craft through this material, and to expose modern theater-going audiences to absurdism and to develop new audiences for this work. We have a particular fondness for works that incorporate physical comedy, clowning, vaudeville, and music hall elements.


We wondered if enough people would support a theater company devoted specifically to this genre.  We’re very excited by your response to these works.  Our non-profit (501C3) status was granted as of December 2007, making it possible for us to now apply for funding from government and private sources.  That, combined with public enthusiasm and support, are making it possible for the IRC to make the leap to the next level in the company’s growth.  So, thanks and continue to pass the word to those you think would enjoy knowing about the work we’re doing.


To keep in touch with our progress and what we’re planning, visit the IRC’s website at www.idiopathicridiculopathyconsortium.com.  We update the site frequently with images from the shows, thoughts on what we’re planning and our general goings on.  It’s a great way to keep in touch with us throughout the year.


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The IRC in 2009…You’re Invited!

It’s My Party (and I’ll Cry if I Want To)

The IRC celebrates the 100th Anniversary of Eugène Ionesco’s birth with special events throughout 2009, including IRC productions of The Lesson and The Chairs and The New Tenant in Fringe 2009.

And, if you missed it in May, it’s back by popular demand in February 2009:

The Raw Onion Returns: America Speaks Out (Again)!



A Streetcar Named Durang (2008)

"Attention, all theater-lovers:  Don't miss this one!"
"Eye-moppingly funny, and clever to boot..."
Toby Zinman, Philadelphia Inquirer

"Exuberant acting (especially from Chris Fluck, Betsy Herbert, Laurie Norton — OK, everybody!) makes the daffy “Desire, Desire, Desire” and twisted “A Stye of the Eye” hilarious...Magic! That’s what Durang and IRC deliver..."
Mark Cofta, Philadelphia City Paper

Director's Notes

September 2008

Greetings Friends!

This is the IRC’s third Fringe show, and 8th production since the company formed in May 2006.  While traversing the existential mountains and valleys of Beckett and Ionesco, Albee and Pinter in such a short time span, we’ve learned much about many things theatrically-related, but mostly how hilarious and absurd the search for the meaning of it all can be.

Christopher Durang’s plays are a blast to perform. Like Eugene Ionesco, his work depicts a supercharged, surreal situation -- a funhouse ride akin to an athletic endurance event, and I thank this group for their energy and commitment throughout. Two of the three plays you’ll see tonight are parodies of works by Tennessee Williams and Sam Shepard. We thought to provide a genealogical theatrical road map detailing the six degrees of separation between the many characters and plays, in the end it seemed much more fun to simply uncork the can and let these characters come to life.

This year the IRC will celebrate the 100th anniversary of the birthday of Eugene Ionesco, a major figure in the movement coined “Theater of the Absurd.” Plans are underway to bring several of his well-known works and one lesser-produced gem to the stage in 2009 to shine the light on this influential playwright. I hope you’ll join us and follow what’s happening on our website.

Thanks for being here and helping the IRC to keep going!

Tina Brock
Producing Artistic Director